About Us

We are a community who believes that Jesus Christ transforms us.  Our approach to community is to cultivate and maintain an environment through Christ where we can be real about who we are, authentic regarding our shortcomings, genuine about our passions, and empowering about our different callings and the future they bring. 


If you want flare and pomp, this probably isn't the church for you. 


Regarding Scriptures, the message on Sunday and the set up in life groups (i.e. cell groups, Bible studies) emphasizes our dedication to scriptures.   We understand that they our important in being used to change us today. 


Regarding our order of service, we emphasize making space for the Holy Spirit to move.  We are a community who believes God speaks today and therefore taking time to listen through music, a message, and a response is important for us. 


Regarding God's work in the world, we believe it is active.  God can repair broken things and add to the power and influence we already have.  We believe that in our greatest height and capacity of leadership, we serve. 


Regarding sharing the good news of Christ, we spend hours a week on the streets of Chicago encouraging people with words of truth that encourage all people regardless of their spiritual persuasion/background or any other category that could be used to divide or label people.  In that way, we are inclusive. 


We believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  Our goal is to do all things out of our relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  


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Rick Kuhr

Rick is the pastor.  He preaches on Sunday, shepherds our community, and spends hours of each week on the street praying for people.  Click here to email Rick.


Kate Rimkunas, Rick Kuhr & Beth Van Opstal

The Council handles the annual budget and pastoral oversight. Click here to email the council.

Kids Ministry Team

The kids ministry team provides discipleship and Bible activities to the children during the gathering and in outside activities. Click here to email a member of our kids ministry team.


Brent Prorak & Ramona Kuhr

The Elders oversee the spiritual health of the congregation, and coordinate the Newcomers course for new members.  Click here to email an elder.

Leadership Team

Amanda Prorak, Rick Kuhr, Jessi Tejeda, Ramona Kuhr, Albert Yau

The Leadership Team coordinates the gathering and plans special events.  Click here to email a member of the leadership team.

Worship Leaders

Albert Yau, Emily Lacy & Amanda Prorak

The worship leaders lead the community in musical worship in the Sunday gathering.  Click here to email a worship leader.

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Our Partnerships

We are a part of the Vineyard Association of Churches


We hosted three years of School of Kingdom Ministry

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We share a meeting space with Immanuel Baptist Church