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Thank you for investing in God's work in the city of Chicago!

New Online Giving Platform!

We are now using ChurchTrac for online giving!  Create an account with your email address if you haven't already! 





With this new service, you can easily set up recurring gifts, and you'll be able to log in at anytime and see the history of your giving.


Set up ACH Giving (to give from bank account)

If you would like to give via ACH instead of credit card (to save us the 3% fee), they will need to confirm your bank account for enhanced security.  It will deposit and withdraw two small amounts, less than 50 cents, and then the next day you will need to log back in to ChurchTrac to enter the exact amounts that were deposited to your account.  This one-time process confirms you are the owner of the account, and then you can continue to give via ACH. Thank you for taking the time for this extra step, it enables the church to receive the entirety of your gift!

Thank you!

We believe that when we give generously of our tithes and offerings, we orient our hearts toward God in a way that's pleasing to him.  Give joyfully, give gratefully!  A special thank you to those from outside our community who support Rick's ministry on the streets of Chicago: thank you for partnering with us and making it possible for our ministry to thrive.

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